A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You play as special-unit team (Up to 8 players) or alone inside a skyscraper and fight against zombies.

Objective is to master as many floors as possible without dying. Game is over if all players died.
This game is not easy and every new floor will be harder to fight.

Every round is different because room content and zombie spawn points are randomized.
Zombie count increases with player count.

Slow zombie: The normal zombie guy.

Fast zombie: You should aim well..

Medium big zombie: Could kill you by one hit.

Fat zombie: Contains small fast zombies.

Small fast zombie: Contained in fat zombies.

Trash zombie: Difficult but drops items.

The game is still under development.
30 floors (Stages) are playable.


  • 30 floors (Stages)
  • Random room content and order
  • 2 weapons, punch and some items
  • Play up to 8 players coop (Local and internet multiplayer)
  • 6 zombie classes
  • Server list
  • Under development


  • More floors (Stages)
  • More zombie classes
  • More room contents and orders

  • Modern CPU / GPU
  • DirectX 11 or 12
  • x64 processor (64-Bit)
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 2 GB graphics storage
  • 100 MB free drive storage
  • Internet (Local network) connection for multiplayer mode

See download button below for the windows installer (Hash SHA-256: 6E4CBF29 1D875E89 16B4D014 85D615BD 365320E6 3430F587 D0F5A683 EF766FC6)

Linux version as ZIP-file see download button (Hash SHA-256: B5B76C63 220782C5 939FA07B 15C91C89 03A14FC7 AAE33F1B 3CA0E2CC 6E3DDC6A)

Windows Store release (Xbox One and Windows 10):

Xbox One edition has no multiplayer.

Now you are able to start a dedicated server on windows and linux (Ubuntu for example). More informations provided by Readme file in game folder "DedicatedServer_Readme.txt".

The dedicated server starts round if more then one player joined.


EndlessZombieTowerInstaller.exe 1 MB
endlesszombietower-linux.zip 55 MB

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Good game, waiting for more stages.

Thanks :-)